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  14.04.2017:Special General Body meeting at Port Blair,

Andaman & Nicobar Circle:

  Com. GS attended and addressed the Special General Body meeting at Port Blaire of Andaman & Nicobar Circle on 13th April, 2017 in Hotel Sun Sea Resort. Com. B. Partra, DGM & Circle President A&N Circle welcomed the members & Com. GS. He discussed regarding the financial viability of A&N Circle & difficulties being faced by the executives in relieving on tenure transfers. He requested CHQ intervention.

Com. Samir Choudhary, Circle Secretary A&N Circle in his keynote address while welcoming Com. GS discussed the issue related to A&N Circle& CHQ level. He explained that A&N Circle is facing acute shortage of executives in all the discipline.  On tenure transfers, substitutes are not being posted to A&N Circle hence executives are facing difficulties in getting relieved. He also apprised regarding non relieving of executives of Civil Wing, who have been transferred on tenure by Chief Engineer Civil WB Circle Kolkata & now BSNL Corporate Office has changed the reporting of A&N Circle Civil Wing to Chennai Chief Engineer Civil to technical control. It has caused the problem. He requested CHQ intervention. He also requested to expedite CPCs from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE, DE to DGM, JAO to AO, AO to CAO, CAO to DGM(F), JTO(C/E) to SDE(C/E), SDE(C) to EE(C) etc and requested to upgrade the post of PA to CGM A&N Circle to the grade of PS. He also requested  for consideration of pending tenure transfer cases etc.

Com. GS in his address extended sincere thanks to Com. Circle President & Circle Secretary for arranging Special General Body meeting on short notice in a grand manner. He congratulated all the executives for making A&N Circle a profit making Circle. He also discussed the importance of A&N state in safe guarding in the interest of Nation. He appreciated the efficient mobile service in A&N Circle in comparison to other private operators.  Com. GS discussed in detail regarding viability of BSNL i.e. absence of Govt. support & lack of interest of BSNL management to safe guard the interest of BSNL & its executives. He expressed resentment against arbitrary notification of intermediatory E1A & E2A pay scales by DoT,  which has lowered the pay scales of JTO/SDE equivalent executives. Also killing of the issues i.e. Rs. 22820/- pay fixation case of JTOs/JAOs post recruited 2007 and CPSU cadre hierarchy as recommended by KHAN Committee. He explained that how BSNL management in a calculated & strategic manner has buried the issues. Similarly, many other important HR issues i.e. E1+5 advance increment, diversion of 50% MT quota CAO posts to seniority quota, non- modification of SDE RR, E5 to E6 pay fixation to DGM(Adhoc) etc. are pending for the last one & half year for want of BSNL's Board approval. All CPCs are held up on the pretext of pending court cases but no sincere efforts are being made by the BSNL management to resolve the issue.

AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA & AITEEA under banner of United Forum launched agitation programme in the month of Dec., 2016 for the settlement of these important issues and with the assurance given by the BSNL management, the agitation was deferred. Thereafter BSNL management immediately victimized the office bearers & the members of these associations by issuing memorandum & salary deduction making dias-non. Unfortunately this act of BSNL management was supported by some executive associations, which has weakened the unity of executives in BSNL. He suggested that in BSNL there should be only one executive association to fight with the management & to safeguard the interest of BSNL community. He further extended sincere thanks to A&N Circle for organizing the meeting in a nice manner. Com. GS suggested merging of all associations in a single association for the unity of BSNL's executive & to fight against management to safeguard the interest of BSNL executives.

Com. R. Chandrashekaran,  DGM(IFA) extended vote of thanks. Dinner followed. 

         Achievements of AIBSNLEA after formation of BSNL

*  To bring all Group 'B' Officers (DOT recognized) Associations of the executives under the umbrella of Central Coordination Committee.

* Absorption of Gr. 'A' and Gr. 'B' officers in BSNL during 2003.

* IDA Pay Scale finalization for BSNL executives on point to point fixation basis.

* Grant of perks to BSNL executives from 01.01.2005 in 2006 on actual basis.

* Notification of Executive Promotion Policy (EPP) on 18.01.2007 and further issuance of the clarifications related to the execution of EPP on 30.05.2007 and EPP implemented in full.

* Restructuring of various executive cadres i.e. JAO, JE (C/E/Arch/TF) Engineering Wings, PA/PS and Assistants of CSS cadre etc.

* Date of effect for all upgraded pay scales decided w.e.f. 01.10.2000 for the purpose of counting the residency period and pursuance for notional benefit.

* AAO pay scale settled in the grade of Rs.11875/- at par with the grade of AO.

* Filling up of the vacant STS Gr. 'A' posts in all disciplines in BSNL in the year 2006.

* Transparent transfer policy for executives in BSNL got notified in February 2009.

* Implementation of 2nd PRC with 30% Fitment benefit.

* Notification of BSNL MSRR in June 2009 with date of effect as 01.10.2000.

* Regularization of Adhoc STS level Executives in year 2010.  

* Promotion of Regular STS level Executives to the grade of DGM on Adhoc basis by giving relaxation of one year in the eligibility conditions for promotion to DGM in year 2010 first time in BSNL.

* IDA Pension revision for BSNL Pensioners on 15th March 2011.

* Regularization of Adhoc DGM to DGM (Regular) in year 2012.

* GSM Mobile Telephone connections with STD facility and hand set to all executives.

* Broadband connections at the residence of all executives and increased free call limit.

* Data facility on GSM service connections to all executives.

* E1+5 advance increments in IDA pay scale to JAO/JTO equivalent executives to avoid their financial losses.

* Regularization of Officiating JTOs by creating supernumerary posts of 3500 JTOs to avoid their reversion as per the judgment of Hon'ble Chandigarh High Court and their regularization after finalization of JTO RR 2014.

* Stopped the reversion of 1966 SDEs by intervention of AIBSNLEA in Hon'ble Delhi High Court in the year 2007.

* JAO-2010 batch option case resolved with the exclusive efforts of AIBSNLEA

* Implementation of 2nd PRC recommendations with 30% fitment to all BSNL Executives in February 2009.

* 78.2% IDA fitment to all BSNL Executives in June 2013.

* E-2 to E-7 IDA Pay Scales proposal got approved from BSNL MC and sent to DOT for ratification.

* CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL recommendations by Khan Committee.

* Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees with 3% contribution from employer side.

* E-1 + 5 advance increments benefit to JTO (SRD), JAO 2013 batch and PA cadre approved by BSNL Board and sent to DOT for ratification.

* Sr. PPS Posts got created with CMD / Director of BSNL Board and PPS Posts with all CGMs.

* The process of Membership verification of Executives‟ Associations started as per AIBSNLEA demand.

* 3% Pay fixation benefit on time bound promotion and further 3% Pay fixation on DNI under EPP settled.

* LICE from TTA to JTO (T) started after the finalization of JTO RR-2014 with the untiring efforts of AIBSNLEA.

* ITS officer's absorption issue got finality in BSNL/MTNL. AIBSNLEA along with other Associations filed a contempt case in the Hon'ble High Court Delhi and PB CAT New Delhi to quash the deployment order of the arbitrary deployment of ITS Officers in BSNL.

* AIBSNLEA made tremendous efforts in notifying the constitution of 3rd Pay Revision Committee (PRC) and made presentations before the 3rd Pay Revision Committee on 8th August 2016.

* AIBSNLEA impleaded in the OA No. 290/00165/2016 filed by Chet Ram Sharma and others against BSNL regarding absorption of officiating JTOs in Honorable CAT Bench, Jodhpur and got it dismissed on 25.07.2016.

* 78.2% IDA Pay fitment benefit to BSNL Pensioners and removal of 60:40 liability sharing provisions in the BSNL Pension Rules 37-A approved by Union Cabinet on untiring efforts of AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA.

* Persuasions for getting the payment of Rural Deficit Charges of Rs. 1250 Crores from Govt. to BSNL.

* Settlement of various anomalies in EPF for Direct Recruits.

* Promotion of 658 Regular STS level executives to the DGM (Engg.) grade on Adhoc basis during March 2016.

* Promotion of 234 Regular STS level executives to the DGM (Finance) grade on Adhoc basis during September 2016

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Executives Association on 07.12.2016

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           General Body Meeting of AIBSNLEA, Andaman&Nicobar Telecom Circle held on 29-09-2016 along with farewell to

                 1.   Sri. Archn Aditya, DE  (Circle President)

                 2.   Sri. B.C.Mondal, DGM (Finance)   and

                 3.   Sri. S.K.Dhal, DE

       The following members have been elected as office bearers.

  1. Sri. V.Ravi, AO  Circle President

2. Sri. P.Jayakar, CAO Vice President

3. Sri. S.Chennakesavalu  DE Vice President

4. Sri. Samir Choudhury  JAO Circle Seceratary







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